Dominic Gadoury
I’m a curious former turnip picker turned #ProductManager 

I want to tell you a little bit About The Product Nerd…

Hello.  My name is Dominic Gadoury and I love Product Management.  So much that I’ve spent the last 19 years trying to perfect it in my personal and professional lives (more on that later).  This website is about my travels past and present and all the wonderful lessons I have and continue to learn about this amazing field.

My interest in technology and product management began at the age of 13 when my Uncle Ron, a successful sales rep for Texas Instruments gave me by first computer (TI99).  Back in 1983 that was composed of a large monitor attached to a bulky keyboard and a cassette tape player for recording programming.  It was on this amazing technology that I wrote my first “Hello World”.

Despite my early interest in technology, I did not make an immediate leap to product.  Instead I was a minister, social worker, and EMT prior to coming to land my first product job at @ADP in August 2000.  During my tenure there I have had opportunities to work on products such as a biometric hand geometry scanner, ADP’s first mobile app, and the Lifion platform.  Currently I am working on building products for Real Estate and Fintech using our massive data sources.

Why have I created this blog?  First and foremost to learn from all of you.  I hope that I can provide a landing place for new and experienced product people to interact on cutting edge discussions in our field.  I also wanted to provide a platform to provide mentorship and assistance in the product management and leadership areas.

On the personal front, I’m a curious former turnip picker turned #ProductManager thinking like a #NYC #Entrepreneur practicing #Fitness and married to @jefferycatalyst

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